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How To Select A Podium

We have the best multi-media lecterns, adjustable height podiums and pulpits with free shipping. There are many styles of podiums and lecterns, and with so many varieties on the market, it can be difficult to choose the podium or lectern which best suits your needs. Podium and Lectern Store features an easy to use selection wizard which allows users to sort through top brands to find the right podium or lectern for any application.

Below is the buyers guide compiled by the presentation experts at Podium and Lectern Store. Each of the major search criteria are outlined and explained. These criteria correspond to choices on the selection wizard at Podium and Lectern Store, and make choosing a podium or lectern an easy process. When choosing the right podium or lectern for your needs, there are many other features which you may find helpful. Some of the most common features include lockable wheels or casters, adjustable height, built-in clock, and internal shelving. Be sure to note the dimensions of the podium or lectern to make sure it fits your space requirements. We understand that shopping for a podium or lectern can be a little intimidating; there are lots of choices. Please do not hesitate to call our product specialists at 1-800-637-3181 with any questions regarding your purchase.

Podium and Lectern Store offers a wide variety of choices among top brands of podiums and lecterns.

Below are quick descriptions of the manufacturers for your reference.

AMPLIVOX manufactures a wide selection of superior quality audio presentation products. AmpliVox's extensive selection of stylish lecterns, PA sound systems and podiums will get your message out with rich, crystal clear sound.
Balt has made a name for itself by providing durable, quality podiums and lecterns at very affordable prices. From the simple T-Style to sophisticated multimedia capabilities, Balt has a full product line for all applications.
Safco manufactures a variety of affordable school and office presentation lecterns and furniture. Safco organization and comfort enhancing products deliver the best quality and service in the industry.
From simple, affordable lecterns to elegant multimedia podiums, Da-Lite has a huge spectrum of products to suit every need. Da-Lite products are made in the U.S.A.
Sound-Craft Sysytems has been supplying the presentation needs of users for almost 60 years with its Lecternettes, Portapages, wood lecterns, and multimedia lecterns.
An extremely robust selection of popular podiums and lecterns. Oklahoma Sound specializes in podiums and lecterns.

The price of your podium or lectern will depend on a few criteria.

  1. First is the type of the unit. Free standing floor lecterns tend to be more expensive than tabletop lecterns. More information on the different types of units is provided below.
  2. Second, if you are looking for a podium or lectern with a fully integrated audio system, this will dramatically increase the price. And finally, certain construction materials, finishes and customizations can increase the price. Podium and Lectern Store offers a wide variety of lecterns in all price ranges, including many for under $200. The most advanced models can cost up to several thousand dollars.

The type of your podium or lectern will depend on a few criteria.

Full floor lecterns are free-standing units which speakers stand behind to give their presentation. They are available in a wide variety of styles and prices from the most basic stand to a fully integrated audio podium or lectern.

Stackable or modular lecterns are floor lecterns with a removable top which may be placed on a tabletop. These models offer maximum flexibility in choosing how to position a speaker for a presentation. Stacking models with audio have the components built into the tabletop portion. This allows speakers to use the audio system whether the lectern is in stand-alone mode, or placed on a tabletop.

Tabletop lecterns are placed on a table and are useful for panel presentation where one speaker is placed beside other panelists. As with all other styles, these are available in a number of finishes, and with many different audio options.

The appearance of your lectern is greatly determined by the type of materials from which it is constructed, the style of the finish, the color, and the trim. Different materials have different properties.

  • Wood lecterns are very professional looking and durable, but can be quite heavy. For lecterns with built-in sound , wood is often the best choice. Most wood lecterns are made out of wood composite, however some of the high-end models are constructed entirely out of solid hardwood.
  • Acrylic or plastic lecterns are light-weight, sleek in design, but do not offer all the amenities of their wood counterparts. They also do not look as classical as wood designs.
  • Metal lecterns share many of the same properties as acrylic, but often come with wood surfaces, allowing users to enjoy the best qualities of simplicity and elegant designs. One final construction material is durable plastic, which is often used as a hard case for tabletop audio lecterns. These are very sturdy, yet more utilitarian in appearance.

Podium and Lectern Store also allows you to choose by finish.

The finish refers to the layer of material placed on top of the basic structure. For example, you can have a wood lectern with a veneer or laminate finish . Veneer finishes are made or real wood whereas laminates are synthetic. Some lecterns are available with a carpet finish, where a thin layer of carpet is placed over the wooden base.

Solid hardwood podiums and lecterns come with a natural finish, and acrylic, metal and durable plastic podiums and lecterns have no finish at all.

Lecterns come in many colors, all depending upon the style. Plexiglass acrylic lecterns are clear or smoked in color. Carpeted lecterns are available in many different carpet and wood color combinations. The largest variety of choice comes with wood colors. Lecterns come in a variety of options, including cherry, oak, mahogany and walnut colors. Keep in mind that if you choose a veneer finish, the wood is real, and the color depends on the natural qualities of the piece of wood used.

The audio of your podium or lectern will depend on a few criteria.

One of the key considerations in choosing a podium or lectern is whether you want a fully-integrated audio system built in. If you will be using the lectern in a large or otherwise noisy room, and you do not have an existing amplification system, then it is advisable to purchase a lectern with audio built in. There are several key specifications which qualify audio lecterns. A brief description of each is given below.

  • Amplifier/Wattage - This refers to the number of watts of output from the speakers. A 40-watt amplifier is adequate for an audience of up to 2,000 people, and a 50-watt amplifier works well for an audience up to 3,000 people.
  • Wired or Wireless - Many lecterns on the market have both wired and wireless capability. Wireless microphones allow the speaker to move freely during their presentation.
  • Speakers - When looking at speakers built into the lectern, be sure to find out how many speakers there are, and the diameter size (in inches).
  • Microphones - Audio lecterns will come with microphones, often a few different varieties to use depending on the situation. Common microphone types include handheld and tie-clip.
  • Inputs/outputs - Inputs may be used for microphones or other audio components such as cassette, CD, or MP3 players. Outputs may be used for additional speakers or recording devices.
  • Controls - Controls may include volume, tone, bass/treble and also an on/off switch.
  • Power supply - Most lecterns plug directly into an outlet, and many come with optional rechargeable batteries.